• oHneH is a hybrid in constant progress – roaming between designstudio and microfactory. By detaching an industrial knitting machine from its typical context, oHneH is set to explore the machine’s possibilities not only as a production tool but as a creative instrument. The ground of oHneH is seeded with a captivation for industrial knitting and the basic idea of craft – developing, making and finishing a product at one place. oHneH established a small-scale space that fuses design, technical implementation and craftsmanship – a direct and fluid exchange of these aspects seems to have an essential impact on the outcome of what is made…

  • oHneH is a no season, no gender – independent knitwearbrand and a provider for small-scale – consulting, design, development and production services. 

    The microfactory is so far equipped with an ADF 32 W 7.2 industrial knitting machine and the M1 Plus and GKS Software by Stoll. Alongside oHneH is housing the suitable Linker for the yarn counts that can be knitted with oHneH’s ADF.

    oHneH is open to any textile/knitting request that connects with oHneH’s given facilities.