• HOMOS + ROCKETS | knitwear edition nr. 1 by oHneH |
    photography by Pauli Beutel | a collaboration | on film
    with ANNE + MAX

  • the outcome are 27 large format
    photographs accompanied by 93 medium
    format pictures also on film …

  • 27 + (93 - 58) = 62

    • a free established knitwearbrand
    • in constant progress
    • based in Hamburg
    • micro factory and design studio
    • with the approach of making a high quality product at
      one place
    • no season no gender no fuckery
    • manufacturing on demand
    • a personalized piece by piece fabrication
    • with a small-scale attitude and degrowth fantasies
    • loving the rendezvous of colour, material, texture
      and feel
  • oHneH’s progress is slow by nature … to stick with this mode of operation and photograph the oHneH HOMOS+ ROCKETS edition on large format film. … is a natural reaction to a given condition the approach of exposing one negative for each look opened a space for taking pictures rather than shooting… and set a mellow atmosphere of concentration and release…

  • a huge thank you goes out to
    photographer Pauli Beutel who is up
    to work without a safety net …
    with ease and sensitivity … and to
    ANNE + MAX who let themselves
    be there.

    en un tour de magie considering
    relations and perception of
    quantity in time