• All pieces of the HOMOS + ROCKETS edition
    are knitted with three types of threads

    1. 100 % super baby alpaca
    2. 15 % silk, 40 % extra superfine merino, 45 % super
      baby alpaca
    3. 100 % baby alpaca
  • The ‘supers’ and ‘extras’ in the naming of the yarns basically
    (not only) tell that long fibers were processed …
    which is a quality feature considering sleekness, calmness,
    feel and softness of the material

    Most HOMOS + ROCKETS knits are technically inverse
    plated … each stitch is knitted with two threads that are
    running separate from one another and therefore can
    exchange position … they knit every stitch together … one
    in the front, the other does the back stitch … this way they
    merge … and get a shady or dusty grading.

    conversion … fluid
    loop … set
    relation … fraction